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(Feline) Flyer

(Complete set Euro 10,25 a piece)
(Attachments Euro 5,75 a piece)
Article nr.: SP 032

I.C.A.T.S. (Interchangeable Cat Activity Toy System) 

With a.o. the ORIGINAL Flyer!
These 30" unbreakable Standard Wands have seven (7) different I.C.A.T.S. Attachments which feature the exclusive "Quick Connector".  Cats and their owners love this quick change system.  Each Attachment is available on a Standard Wand or sold separately.


(Euro 5,75 a piece)
Article nr.: SP 032t


The famous Teasers are used by national cat show judges and recommended by veterinarians.  They feature an 18" unbreakable wand with an assortment of colorful feathers and combination feathers and mylar strips.  All feathers are dyed with non-toxic materials and are completely safe!

Jumbo Teasers

(Jumbo Teaser with suede Euro 9,25 a piece)
(other Jumbo Teasers Euro 7,75 a piece)
Article nr.: SP 032jt

Jumbo Teaser

The Jumbo Cat Teasers out sell our regular Teasers.  They feature an 30" unbreakable wand available with colorful feathers to entertain your kitty or with sturdy suede for the athletic cat that loves to tug and pull.

Kitty Bouncers

(Euro 9,25 a piece)
Article nr.: SP 032kb

Kitty Bouncers

This flexible wand can be used for fast paced, interactive play.  Unlike similar toys, this wand is made of a vinyl material which is not only strong, but safe as well.  The mounting tube attaches almost anywhere using VELCR0 strips.  The random bouncing motion keeps kitty guessing and on the move.

Assorted Treasures

Your amazing discovery of Assorted Treasures is certain to please Captain Kitty.  They are said to bring priceless hours of safe fun for your feline crew.  Remember, pirates are known for hiding their treasure.  So don't be surprised when pieces are found sunken under the sofa, bed, night stand...

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