Happy Cats

A short introduction:

Happy Cats is a company with a large assortment articles for cat(s) and their 'owners',
we deliver in Holland as well as abroad to companies and customers.
You can also find us from time to time at cat shows in The Netherlands.

We started in 1995 and our assortment in cat articles quickly became larger and larger
(and still expands, also because of our own designs of e.g. sleeping articles).

We are specialised in designing, fabricating and supplying (craft made) products
for the 'larger/bigger sized' cat breeds such as the Maine Coon
(or cats that love to lay together, such as the Oriental breeds),
because these cats experience quite a lot of problems fitting
in the standard size (radiator) baskets and other sleeping articles.
Furthermore it is also possible to supply products that come up to your wishes
(specially made for you), the so-called craft work.

So, if e.g. you are looking for a special colour/size radiator basket which fits
the interior of your home (or cat :-) ), most of the time we can deliver.
You can ask us without any obligations!
We also have many fabrics of sturdy quality and with nice colours/prints!
You can order them by the meter!

On the page "Products" you can find a large part of our assortment.

If you would like to know on which dates we are on a cat show (under reservation),
please look at "Shows".

We look forward in receiving your order and otherwise we will see you
at one of the cat shows!

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we would appreciate it!

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Updated: January 4, 2009

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