Finding it difficult to choose a nice present for the person you want to surprise?

No problem!

We have thι solution for it:

A gift ticket from Happy Cats is always fun!
You can choose from six amounts:
€ 5,00 / € 7,50 / € 10,00 / € 12,50 / € 20,00 en € 25,00 .
(Of course it is also possible to combine tickets.)

gift ticket       gift ticket       gift ticket       gift ticket       gift ticket       gift ticket
          € 5,00                  € 7,50                € 10,00               € 12,50                € 20,00                € 25,00          
    order button € 5,00              order button € 7,50            order button € 10,00             order button € 12,50             order button € 20,00             order button € 25,00     

On the order form you can (if desired) submit a different delivery address.
The gift ticket has a unique code which will be send to the consignee.

Question:  How do I redeem a gift ticket?
-  You can redeem a gift ticket by passing through the code with your order.

-  If the total amount is higher than the value of your gift ticket you can pay the remaining amount in addition.

-  Unfortunately we cannot process orders of which the total amount is less than
the total value of the order (exclusive the shipping/handling costs).

Question:  Am I allowed to send in more gift tickets at once?
-  Yes, you are.

Question:  Can I redeem a gift ticket for money?
-  No, redeeming for money is not possible.

Question:  How long is a gift ticket valid?
-  A gift ticket is valid for 1 year.

Question:  I have lost a gift ticket and the code, what now?
-  We are not responsible for theft and/or loss.

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