(d.d. 04-09-2008)



After a year of silence concerning the news letters,

we hope to make it up to you with below mentioned new designs.


Furthermore we improved our website and expanded with a.o.:


an index page by subject

(so that articles are easier to be found),

a separate kitten site,

show articles,

 gift tickets


theme articles.


Furthermore lots of people have sent pictures

of their sweethearts in e.g. a Happy Cats basket,

these are to be admired in the newest photo gallery of Happy Cats!


See http://photobucket.com/guestlogin?albumUrl=http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc300/happycats2

(Guest pass word: fotos)




Now the new show season has started again,

we have, for the enthusiastic show persons:



The Dutch basket!


Let 'm know your cat is from The Netherlands!

(Of course it is also very nice to give as a present to kitten buyers!)


Go, Holland, Go!



The basket is of course also available in other colours and sizes.


Furthermore it is also possible (for several countries) to get the basket with another flag,

like e.g. the Belgium basket:




In this serie We also have
The Stripe basket,

for a beautiful, chique look.


Article code: SL 063

Of course is the basket available in other colours and sizes.


Introduction offer:


Size Mini                      € 15,00 (Ø ± 12 cm.)

Size Kitten                   € 22,50 (Ø ± 24 cm.)

Size Extra Small           € 25,00 (Ø ± 28 cm.)

Size Small                    € 27,50 (Ø ± 32 cm.)

Size Medium                € 32,50 (Ø ± 38 cm.)

Size Large                    € 45,00 (Ø ± 44 cm.)

Size Extra Large           € 55,00 (Ø ± 52 cm.)


(For other sizes please contact us.)




The Ear pillow!


Article code: SL 042

See http://www.happycats.nl/nl/slaapcomfort/slaapcomfort33.htm for specifications and prices.




The Tulip cushion!


Article code: SL 043

See http://www.happycats.nl/nl/thema/thema1.htm for specifications and prices.




The Flower cushion!


Article code: SL 044

See http://www.happycats.nl/nl/thema/thema2.htm for specifications and prices.



We hope that you will like these articles!




To go directly to our order form

please click the following link:   http://www.happycats.nl/uk/bestelformulier_uk/bestelformulier_uk.htm




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