Autumn is here again, heater goes on
and the cosiness of finding beautiful leafs,
mushrooms, chestnuts and acorns started again!

For those who don't have the time for it,
Happy Cats has good news:

We already went searching and found a large quantity of acorns.
We are still finding chestnuts and if we are not too late,
we will also find beautiful leafs!

The Acorns

(available in several sizes, fillings and colours!)

(= toy with catnip)

Length from +/- 18 cm.
>>> Filling with crispy balls or fiberfill <<<

Price from Euro 7,50

Giant Acorn
(mini-acorn is on top to show the difference in size)

This comfortable pillow is available in fiberfill or crispy balls
in several colour combinations.

Length +/- 60 cm.

Price Euro 35,00

Schanulleke and Speedy on a giant acorn!


All these exclusive articles
have been made by hand with a lot of care
and have the same superior quality and properties
as you are used from us!


To go direcly to our order form te gaan,
please click on the following link:

New articles for
special events
are being developed! :-)


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Updated: October 22, 2009