Especially for Halloween

Happy Cats



 exclusive articles


for your cat(s) to relax on or in!






The Pumpkin!

(available in several sizes, stuffings and colours!)



Mini pumpkin



Giant pumpkin




Schanulleke and Speedy (our new companion! J )

 on a giant pumpkin!



Beige pumpkin







The spider!

(available with or without eyes!)




The picture below shows that the paws are flexible,

it is possible to shape the paws with wire.



Of course the spider is also available in other colours, stuffings and sizes.





The Witch hat!


A lovely basket in the shape of a witches hat!



Shown hat is ± 55 cm. high and has almost a Medium size “basket”


(= ± 38 cm. cross-cut),


 but is also available in other sizes and colours!






All these exclusive articles

 have been made by hand with the greatest care

and have the same superior quality and properties

you are used from us!






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