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New dated December 18, 2009!!!
(The FURminator, THE comb for your cat and other pets!)

New dated November 6, 2009!!!
(Name embroidery)

New dated October 20, 2009!!!
(Acorns - toys and cushions)

New dated October 30, 2008!!!

New dated September 26, 2008!!!
(Cards - toys and cushions)

New dated September 24, 2008!!!
(Halloween articles, e.g. Witch hat)

New dated September 17, 2008!!!
(YingYang basket, Japanese basket, Jeans basket, 2-coloured and 3-coloured baskets and Kitten line!)

New dated September 4, 2008!!!
(o.a. Country baskets, Ear pillow and Flower cushions)

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Updated: December 18, 2009